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Environmental Stewardship


implementing sustainable practices and policies to protect our natural resources, reduce pollution, and preserve our environment for future generations.

Responsible Growth and Development


Demanding accountability from developers and conducting thorough environmental impact assessments to ensure that growth is balanced, sustainable, and aligned with the needs of our community.


Transparency and Accountability


Restoring trust in our government by promoting transparency in decision-making processes, providing accessible information to the public, and ensuring that elected officials are accountable to the community they serve.


Fiscal Responsibility


Conducting thorough audits of government spending, evaluating the effectiveness of tax dollars, and advocating for responsible fiscal policies that prioritize essential services and provide value for our residents.


Community Engagement

Encouraging active citizen participation and input in the decision-making process, promoting town hall meetings, and creating platforms for open dialogue between residents and local government.


Public Safety and Security


Supporting our law enforcement officials, ensuring adequate resources to maintain a safe community, and implementing effective crime prevention strategies.

Education and Workforce Development


Investing in quality education, vocational training, and lifelong learning opportunities to equip our residents with the skills they need for meaningful careers and to attract businesses to our city.


Affordable Housing


Addressing the affordable housing crisis by exploring innovative solutions, promoting responsible development practices, and working to ensure that housing options are accessible to all residents.

Small Business Support


Advocating for policies that foster entrepreneurship, reduce bureaucratic hurdles, and provide resources and support for local businesses to thrive and contribute to our local economy.

Infrastructure Improvement


Prioritizing infrastructure upgrades and maintenance to improve transportation systems, address traffic congestion, and ensure that our city's infrastructure keeps pace with our growing needs.

Together, we can tackle these critical issues, revitalize our community, and create a brighter future for all residents of the City of Everett.

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