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Resources in this district provide a thriving timber and fishing industry, but intrusive federal regulations have crippled these job-producing industries. I will work to remove cumbersome rules from these industries responsibly.


We must have strict immigration control and a robust physical border wall to ensure our nation’s security. Illegal immigration affects our economy and the ability of working-class Americans to obtain jobs. For decades establishment Republicans and Democrats have told us that unrestricted immigration is good for our nation and will not affect Americans’ ability to obtain employment. Major corporations, who greatly benefit from cheap labor, push this narrative.  This allows the corporations to circumvent minimum-wage requirements while getting richer; meanwhile, our working-class struggles to find jobs. 

I will introduce and support legislation to build a border wall, push back on blanket amnesty, deprive sanctuary cities of federal funding, and enforce strict employer verification requirements for their employees to end non-US citizen labor demand.


Energy Independence is non-negotiable and essential to securing our sovereignty. I will pursue an all-of-the-above strategy that utilizes our natural gas and oil reserves while accelerating the development of clean and safe breakthrough nuclear reactor technology.


I am a pro-life Christian. I will work tirelessly to protect the rights of unborn children. I will work to cut off federal funding for abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood.





We need to get the federal government out of our schools and return curriculum development to the states. I will work to prevent Planned Parenthood, The 1619 Project, and Critical Race Theory from entering the curriculum of our schools.





The government overtaxes hard-working Americans and appears to feel little obligation to account for the money it demands. I will work to lower our individual and corporate federal income taxes and go after government excess in every aspect of the federal government.




We must put an end to career politicians. Our founders fought against the ruling class and monarchy to create a government of the people by the people. We need more regular government officials who go to DC to serve their people and return to the communities that elected them. I will push to have Congressional and Senate term limits mirror the limits placed on the President.

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