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Bill Wheeler is a patriot who promotes constitutional rights, family values, and god-given freedoms.

Thank you for considering me as your representative for Council-at-Large Position 6 If you are searching for a candidate who will genuinely advocate for your interests, look no further—I am the right person for the job.

To be candid, the City of Everett has fallen short in serving its residents effectively. We are in dire need of restoring checks and balances to our government system, ensuring transparency and accountability. If elected, I will passionately fight for the change our community deserves.

Our town has continuously disregarded the findings of environmental impact surveys, leading to an unsustainable increase in population. It is high time we scrutinize our processes, demanding accountability and placing the responsibility of growth back on developers. We must reevaluate how our hard-earned tax dollars are utilized, as the current results are far from satisfactory. The services provided to us are meager, despite year after year increases in taxes approved by our council—a testament to their incompetence and inability to truly represent our voices.


By voting for me, you are not only supporting my candidacy, but also empowering yourself to have a genuine voice in that office. Your vote signifies the desire for change and a demand for a government that prioritizes the needs of its people.


Together, we can instill a new era of responsible governance, where every decision made is with the best interests of our community at heart. Your support will pave the way for a brighter future, where accountability, transparency, and effective representation prevail.

Join me in making a difference. Vote for me, and let your voice be heard.


#YourVoiceMatters #AccountabilityNow #VoteForChange

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